The Complete Guide to the Dropper Loop

December 20, 2012 12:44 pm  /  Fly Fishing Basics  /  , , ,

written by staff

A dropper loop is simple to tie and is commonly used for covering two different levels in the water column on a tandem rig. The following is the step-by-step visual guide to tying the dropper loop.

The Complete Guide to the Dropper Loop First, create a loop in the line and hold the line where it crosses itself. Then wrap the loop over the crossover point about five or six times. After wrapping the loop around, open a hole in the middle loop of the twisted line. Some people insert a matchstick or piece of twig in the hole to keep it open.

Take the remaining large loop, and pass it through the hole that has been opened in the middle of the twist. Wet the knot with saliva, and either having someone hold the passed-through loop or while holding it gently with your teeth (do not bite the line as to crimp and weaken it), pull the two ends of the line tight. You should have a symmetrical knot with a small loop hanging from the middle of the knot.

The following is a frame-by-frame visual guide for completing each step in the dropper loop knot:

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