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October 4, 2011 3:11 pm  /  home main
  • WATER LEVEL: low
  • CLARITY: great
  • WATER TEMP: 65°F
  • FLOW: low
  • THROW: streamers, buggers, spawn/egg, spinners
  • GRAPHS: See real-time USGS water graphs here!
  • NOTES: (Updated 9:43 am) The Rocky River got a little bit of rain last night but nowhere near enough. Water remains low and very clear which will keep fishing difficult. While the majority of reported steelhead caught are coming in from the area around the marina and the lower two fords, several large fish have been taken upstream well beyond the east and west branch split. Multiple reports of steelhead came in last weekend but most catches were smaller fish (under 20″) and most in the northernmost stretches of the river. A heavy rain is needed to get more fish up into and throughout the river. 

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