30 | 10 MEMBER CLUB Rules

To apply for 30 | 10…

1. Land a steelhead trout anywhere in the world that measures 30.0 inches or more in length, OR weighs 10.0 pounds or heavier. The fish may exceed both 30 inches AND 10 pounds, but only one measurement is required to qualify.

2. Take a picture of the steelhead, release it safely and send it to us in a private message on our Facebook page.



• Your full name
• Photo of you holding the fish
• Size specifications (of the fish, not you. Length and/or weight.)
• A physical mailing address for us to mail your exclusive 30 | 10 decal
• Where the fish was caught


Additional information regarding the guidelines of 30 | 10…
• TheRockyRiver.com are firm believers in catch and release, and will not accept applications to the 30 | 10 Club if the fish was not safely released back into the body of water from which it was caught. Unless alerted by a third party, we have no choice but to abide by the honor system, so please if you do keep the fish, do not enter your catch for 30 | 10.

• To help us verify the size of your fish in the picture, if you have a tape measure on hand or can lay the fish next to your rod and measure the rod later, please take an ADDITIONAL picture of the fish next to the tape measure/rod. (This is not mandatory, but it helps us out when possible)

• Please DO NOT put your fish on any kind of hook scale, or digital scale that requires the fish to hang by the gills or mouth, as this is harmful to the health of the fish. We will immediately disqualify any photos entered that include the fish hanging from a digital scale.

Our process…
• Our team will examine each photo and using our photo scale system, will determine if the submitted fish qualifies for 30 | 10.

• Once we have examined the photo of your fish and have determined that the fish exceeds 30.0 inches and/or 10.0 pounds, we will send you an email notifying you that you have been accepted into TheRockyRiver.com 30 | 10 MEMBER CLUB. (You will also be notified, by email, if your entry is disqualified or denied for any reason.)

• Your name and photo will be added to the 30 | 10 CLUB wall, and we will mail you this exclusive 30 | 10 MEMBER sticker:

TheRockyRiver.com reserves the right to approve, deny or revoke any 30 | 10 CLUB application and/or membership, for any reason, if and when we deem it appropriate. ©TheRockyRiver.com