Tournament Bass on Gummy Worms

June 25th, 2012
written by P.J. Filipowicz, exclusively for

KVD? Nah. CVS. My brother and I set out to pre-fish a circuit lake (which will remain unnamed) for an upcoming Ohio bass tournament and I decided to have a little fun.

TournamentBassFishingWithGummyWormsAfter three hours of fishing without so much as a bite for either of us, I zipped up my duffle bag of soft plastics and went in the cooler for a snack – to rig up. On the way to the lake, we gassed up and I grabbed a couple bags of gummy worms from the candy aisle at the CVS pharmacy next door. Landing a bass on a gummy worm was something I’ve always wanted to try, so I quietly and secretly rigged one up on a shaky head jig.

On the first cast, as the worm was still falling, the line shot to the right. This was the first hit of the day and it had only been 2 seconds of fishing the gummies. Bluegill. No hook-up. Second cast: Bluegills again. At this time, Joe realizes what I’m throwing as I rigged up the third candy worm. Laughing and calling me an idiot, he says, “I swear to God, if you catch a bass on a gummy worm I am quitting…” and his sentence was interrupted by my violent hook set. This time there’s weight and it was rising fast to the surface.

Two jumps later, green-red gummy worm (fire tail?) still hanging off the side of the fish’s mouth, I had a [tournament] keeper bass in the net. Laughing hysterically as I posed for the photo, I couldn’t help thinking that all these salt-injected, tank-tested, scientifically-developed, dinner-priced lures and soft plastics could be replaced by a trip to the candy store, for a lot less money.

I laughed and told him, “Now I want a catfish.” He laughed again, still in disbelief over the bass. On the 9th cast, with the last gummy worm of the pack, I set the hook on a channel catfish.

Had I bought just one more bag, I could have tried for a walleye next, completing what I am now officially dubbing, “The Gummy Slam.”

I never did get the chance to hear what he was going to quit. He refused to tell me.

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