Privacy Policy

We at THEROCKYRIVER.COM are fully aware of the importance of a person’s privacy and personal information. We are dedicated to protecting that information as we would our own, and we intend to provide you nothing but the safest online experience as a valued visitor to THEROCKYRIVER.COM. We promise to do our best to offer you a high quality publication in a safe forum. We do gather some types of information from visitors to THEROCKYRIVER.COM, and we would like you to read through this Privacy Policy so that you have a full understanding of that information and how it is used. We recommend that you read this Privacy Policy on a regular basis, so that you are aware of any updates or changes made to the policy.

We at THEROCKYRIVER.COM genuinely appreciate and thank you for your interest in our website, and we will do our best to make your experience a great one that is worth returning to.


You are able to visit and use THEROCKYRIVER.COM without having to submit to us any personal information as described in this Privacy Policy. In certain areas on THEROCKYRIVER.COM website, we may request information from our visitors so that they can take part in certain areas or features of the site. Visitors are not obligated to submit their information when visiting the site, nor do they have to take part in any activity or area of the site that requires the inputting and submission of personal information. Certain general browsing information is collected by the website automatically, for analytic purposes. We may also use contact lists and information that we obtain from third parties. If you have registered on THEROCKYRIVER.COM website, you may update your contact and account information at any time, by following the instruction on the website. You may also contact us to have your preferences changed, regarding third party offers and information that you are receiving.

We define the term “personal information” as information that identifies you as an individual. This information includes your full name, mailing address and email address(es). Personal information, in our definition, does not include electronic information that could be used to identify you personally. An example of this electronic information would be your IP Address, which could be used to identify your personally. Other examples include your browser type, domain name(s) and referring website address(es), etc. We use this automatically collected electronic information to constantly improve your experience on THEROCKYRIVER.COM website. We collect personal information from you when you subscribe to services offered on the website, and may also require this information in certain areas on the site, such as community areas, order placement or subscriptions. Visitors may also register to receive certain offers or services, take part in surveys and contests, message boards, email subscriptions, bulletin boards, chat rooms, video and photo galleries and other community areas. Registration in many cases may only require a name and email address, but can include the requirement of further information, such as age, gender, phone number, address and other information related to your interests. THEROCKYRIVER.COM may also offer you the chance to receive third party offers directly, or partner you with one of our trusted fulfillment partners, such as a bank. In these cases, we may ask you to provide your contact information, as well as financial and credit card information in order to move forward with our fulfillment partners. Follow the instructions online to understand what is required for each situation. You may of course, choose to decline to provide any and all required information. Should you decline to provide this information, you will not be able to participate in the specific activity on the site. You are of course, always free to read and visit the rest of THEROCKYRIVER.COM website.

If you place an order on THEROCKYRIVER.COM for a product or service, you will have to establish a credit card account with THEROCKYRIVER.COM or its vendors. We may require the collection of information, including your full name, email address, mailing address, ship-to name and address, credit card number, credit card security code and expiration date. Email notices are delivered after an order is placed online. We may also offer a “bill me” option so that users do not have to send credit card information over the Internet. This option is not guaranteed to be available on all offers.

THEROCKYRIVER.COM staff conducts periodic market research to continually better our website and publications. Occasionally, we may purchase lists of potential customers and/or subscribers from third party companies. These lists can include information on current customers and/or subscribers, and this information is included in our database. We maintain these practices to help avoid duplicate mailings/emailing, and so that we can offer you information that best addresses your interests.

THEROCKYRIVER.COM uses the information that you provide for multiple reasons. These reasons may include fulfilling visitor requests, improving our site and publications, general operation of our website and business, displaying and sending personalized content to our visitors, sending newsletters, emails and mail, offering promotions, surveys and the delivering updates and offers to our visitors and/or subscribers. Users of THEROCKYRIVER.COM may opt-out of email, mail or other promotions by following the instruction in the body of the message, or by going through THEROCKYRIVER.COM website. THEROCKYRIVER.COM may also use the information we collect to evaluate our service and to fulfill customer requests, and put you in contact with third party vendors who offer a product or service that we cannot or do not. In areas of THEROCKYRIVER.COM website, we allow uses to send us articles, photos, video and/or links by email to other parties who may be interested in them. We do not collect these email addresses, unless you are already a subscriber to THEROCKYRIVER.COM and have willingly provided your email address information. We construct and share reports for the sake of our advertisers, sponsors and vendors (for example: our Advertising Rate Sheet statistics) that contain anonymous, aggregate information about our visitors and subscribers. This information may include age, demographic, geographic location, and online usage information. This also allows us to offer content and promotions that are tailored to our visitors.

Personal information is available to THEROCKYRIVER.COM, including THEROCKYRIVER.COM brands and affiliates, as well as all parties agents and consultants who help to produce this website and its publications, services and products that are made available to you. Anonymous information is made available to our sponsors and advertisers, as well as any promotional and/or business partners. You personal information is only shared with third parties as described below.

THEROCKYRIVER.COM uses industry standard practices to help prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, or use of your personal information. At the time of this most recent update to our privacy policy, we do not sell directly through our website and will never ask for or require financial information, credit card information, social security numbers, or similar sensitive personal data through the site. We strongly recommend, as is true for any online page or site that you may visit, that you take every precaution when providing your personal information through the Internet. We take your personal security very seriously and while we aim to protect you and your information to the best of our abilities, we cannot fully ensure the security of all of the information you transmit online or through email.

THEROCKYRIVER.COM may use anonymous and aggregate demographic data, along with all personal information provided by you, for internal marketing and business purposes, including notices, communications, services and products we offer that we think would be of interest to you. To fill orders and subscriptions, THEROCKYRIVER.COM will cache your order information and authorize the information with a merchant account, such as a credit card company. There are companies who may be required to work with THEROCKYRIVER.COM to produce the site and publications and make products or services available to you. These may include web hosting companies, technical/database firms, ad agencies, fulfillment companies and firms working with us to offer contests, promotions and other services. These companies may be granted access to personally identifiable information in the course of making THEROCKYRIVER.COM’s site, services and offers available. All firms working with THEROCKYRIVER.COM will comply with our information collection policies, privacy policies and disclosure policy, and are not permitted to sell or otherwise use your information, except as authorized by you, and us or as required by law.

At times, THEROCKYRIVER.COM may offer opportunities to purchase services or products online from third party vendors. THEROCKYRIVER.COM will give participating third parties ordering and bank authorization information. When you order from a participating vendor, the vendor will have all of the information associated with your order. These vendors may use your information to advise you of other products or services that they provide. THEROCKYRIVER.COM is not responsible for these vendors’ privacy policies or terms of use. We encourage you to research their information practices and policies before participating in any third party offer. Vendors may obtain the anonymous data and analytics that our advertisers do.

Your credit card merchant will have your relevant information regarding the vendor name, purchased items/services, date and cost information in any transaction that you execute. THEROCKYRIVER.COM does not provide any other personal data to your credit card merchant, advertisers, business and promotional partners or other third party sponsors. We do share anonymous demographic information, including age, gender, interests, income and the anonymous information we collect from web beacons and cookies, with our advertisers, business and promotional partners and other participating vendors and sponsors that offer online sales opportunities. Your personally identifiable information is not shared with any third party company or individual. Your credit card number, bank account numbers and passwords are not shared with any of the third party vendors mentioned in this section, unless you have placed an online order with a specific vendor. Online contact information is managed differently than offline contact information. We may extend email offers to you on behalf of our third party vendors and business partners about their products/services, but only if you have indicated that you wish to receive these offers. THEROCKYRIVER.COM may collect a fee from these vendors for our service, but THEROCKYRIVER.COM sends you these offers on behalf of our vendor/partner, and we do not share your email address information with them. You may opt-out of receiving these offers at any time by following the instructions in the body of the message, or on the site. Visitors to THEROCKYRIVER.COM will have the chance to sign up with certain sponsors, vendors and advertisers for certain offers. These may include contests, sweepstakes, email offers or the receipt of advertising information. These third party partners and advertisers will use their own consultants and methods, and we strongly encourage the research and understanding of the third party’s privacy policy. THEROCKYRIVER.COM is not responsible for the privacy policies and operations of any third party.

On occasion, we may provide the opportunity to opt in for email offers that are sent to you directly from third parties. These third parties are not affiliated with or managed by THEROCKYRIVER.COM. If you choose to receive these offers, your contact information will be provided to the third party. Our fulfillment partners may store and use your information, regardless of whether or not you purchase a product or service offered by the company. Your personal information is subject to their privacy policies and terms of use, and not within the control of responsibility of THEROCKYRIVER.COM. We encourage you to research their policies and terms.

Understand that if you decide to take part in community areas on THEROCKYRIVER.COM, and voluntarily disclose information, personal or otherwise, that information can be used and stored by others. These areas include, but aren’t limited to Photo Gallery, Comment Boards, Chat Rooms, Video Rooms and Bulletins. Posting of information in any forum on the Internet subjects you to unsolicited messages from other parties. THEROCKYRIVER.COM has no control or responsibility for your disclosure of any information, personal or otherwise.

THEROCKYRIVER.COM maintains the right to disclose or use any information without consent or notice as compelled by applicable law, legal requirement of regulation, to conduct investigations of potential breaches of law or complaints to protect the reputation and integrity of THEROCKYRIVER.COM, and to assure the adherence to our terms of use to protect the safety of our readers and visitors, and to fulfill your requests.


The use of cookies is common practice in the web industry, with almost all major website leveraging the use of cookies. THEROCKYRIVER.COM website uses cookies to uphold and improve the operation and performance of the site. Cookies are simply little bits of information that get stored on your computer by THEROCKYRIVER.COM website server. Cookies are simply used for record-keeping purposes, so that the information can be accessed by THEROCKYRIVER.COM website server when you come back to the website. Cookies let us regulate and personalize THEROCKYRIVER.COM website, and allow us to automate access and data-entry sections of the website, like log-ins. Cookies allow us to store your online ordering information if you purchase a product or service on the website. We do not generally leverage cookies to track identified visitors’ navigation without the consent of the visitor. Cookies will not be used to distribute or share information from your computer, besides the specific information that is placed in the cookie from one THEROCKYRIVER.COM website to another THEROCKYRIVER.COM website. Your browser allows the option to prevent, disable or block cookies, and some will even alert you when you receive a new cookie. This can be found in the Preferences or Help sections of most browser’s toolbars. You may disable or delete cookies when visiting THEROCKYRIVER.COM website, but some sections of the website may not work properly or permit you access.

THEROCKYRIVER.COM uses Web beacon technology throughout sections of the site in order to measure traffic patterns and unique visitor counts, as well as to determine the success of our ad campaigns. We do this to improve the visitors experience at THEROCKYRIVER.COM website. Similar to cookies, web beacons are little graphics with a built-in identifier that is unique to the visitor. THEROCKYRIVER.COM may also include web beacons in email promotions and e-newsletters to measure the success of the campaigns. When a visitor opens a page that contains a web beacon, an alert of that page visit is sent to us automatically. Web beacons work in tandem with cookies, so users who do not want information shared in association with cookie information should adjust their browser’s settings to disable cookies. When cookies are disabled, web beacons can still detect page visits anonymously. This information is disregarded however, and cannot be associated with any other user information.

The advertisements found on THEROCKYRIVER.COM are mostly provided by third party companies, and may use web beacons and/or cookies. These tracking tools are used and managed by our third party advertisers, and we do not have access or control regarding this information. We do our best to only offer our advertisement opportunities to reputable third parties, who may use information collected from you to assist in managing the success of their campaign. They may share this information with their clients. This information includes, but is not limited to, date/time of the displayed ad, the ad shown at time of view/click through, your IP address and so on.

We offer several ways for you to manage your contact information and personal preferences:
1. If you have an online account or profile, you may be allowed to log in and update your account and/or contact information
2. If you subscribe to any THEROCKYRIVER.COM publications, such as e-newsletters, you may unsubscribe by following the instruction located in the body of the message.
3. You may always email us regarding any issue at INFO@THEROCKYRIVER.COM.
We will do our best to address your concern as promptly as possible, and we do ask you to forgive any delay in processing your request.

We will use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt personal and billing information while in-transit to or from us when you purchase items or services over the Internet. We do our best to ensure reasonable, reliable security practices to protect you and your personal information at our facilities. We may engage reputable service providers to help us manage this information, and require them under contract to operate under the appropriate security measures. Your personal information may be accessed via your username and password that you created when you registered at THEROCKYRIVER.COM website. The confidentiality of your password is entirely yours to manage and protect, and you may change it at any time, following the instructions at THEROCKYRIVER.COM website. If you believe your password has been compromised, change it immediately. Any personal information that is posted by you in community areas such as comment boards or chat rooms is available to the world. We cannot and do not ensure any measure of security regarding any information that you post in our community areas or through email communications. We do regular maintenance of the community areas, and may remove messages that we find compromise the security of a user or staff member. Upon request, we will review information in a community area. You may contact us regarding this at INFO@THEROCKYRIVER.COM.

THEROCKYRIVER.COM is not for use by minors. We offer material, products and services that may be appropriate for minors, but if you are under the age of 18 you may use our websites only with the involvement of a parent or guardian. We always take the privacy of minors seriously, and ask minors under the age of 18 no to send personally identifiable information to us or to THEROCKYRIVER.COM website without the permission of a parent or legal guardian. THEROCKYRIVER.COM may include chat rooms and comment sessions, bulletins, photographs, language and other content/features that may be unsuitable for minors. We do not and cannot monitor said items and community area content that THEROCKYRIVER.COM does not publish itself. THEROCKYRIVER.COM recommends that parents and guardians teach their children about the dangers and responsible use of personal information on the Internet. We will not knowingly collect, use or disclose personal information collected from minors.


We are always aiming to better our website, and may sell certain assets, or THEROCKYRIVER.COM, in whole or in part, may be sold, merged or otherwise transferred. In said transactions, user information either personally identifiable or otherwise may be included in the transfer.

THEROCKYRIVER.COM and its associated computers are located in the United States of America, and Ohio state law governs all matters relating to the site. Information that you provide through use of THEROCKYRIVER.COM will be used in and transferred to the United States. When you visit THEROCKYRIVER.COM and submit information, you unambiguously consent to the use, collection, transfer and/or processing of your personal data, as described in this policy. If you do not give consent to use, collect, transfer and/or processing of this information, do not continue to visit THEROCKYRIVER.COM

This Privacy Policy is subject to random and frequent updates. We suggest that you check our policy when visiting THEROCKYRIVER.COM to be fully aware of and understand the contents of this policy. Your ongoing use of THEROCKYRIVER.COM will constitute your agreement to this Privacy Policy, as well as any changes and updates that occur within this policy.


If you have questions about our Privacy Policy, feel free to email us at INFO@THEROCKYRIVER.COM. Include your request/concern along with the URL of any web page or pages that are involved in your request. We will contact you as soon as possible to address your concern.

Last updated April 1, 2015