Photographer Feature: Steve Hubbard

January 11th, 2012
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SteveHubbardBioPicName: Steve Hubbard

Age: Two years older than ketchup
Local waters: The Watauga and South Holston rivers in East Tennessee

I will be the first to tell you, I am not a photographer – not like the others I have seen. I pray that God would grant me that special vision that true artists have, but he chooses not to. Instead, he instills in me passion, a great admiration for all things of beauty in this magnificent creation of his. It may be a thunderstorm climbing high into a bright blue sky, or the colors of brown trout in crystal clear water. Either way, if I cannot take the time to wonder at the simple beauty of each, then my time here on earth has been wasted.

There is a harmony of nature with fly-fishing: Me, the water, the fish, the heron, the hatch, the sky – each allowing the other to trespass into his territory with a watchful eye. At the end of the day, we all return to our lives with only a few memories of that man in the river. Hopefully, with a little luck, there may be a photo worthy of the day, but then again, maybe tomorrow.

Enjoy the pictures.

Tight lines,
Steve Hubbard

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