River Report

WATER LEVEL:  Very high, rising



FLOW:  Very fast

THROW:  Eggs/nymph patterns, woolly buggers, streamers/minnow/baitfish patterns

NOTES:  (Updated 11/16 @ 2:30a) The Rocky River has been in excellent shape all week and giving up lots of fish to anglers, but the rain and snow has now raised and muddied the water to unfishable levels. Weekend fishing may be in jeopardy, today is certainly out. Stay tuned – we’ll update as conditions change.

NOTE: A fly rod and reel was found by one of our anglers on the Chagrin River recently. Another rod and reel was found on the Rocky River as well this week. Both anglers are looking to return these rods to their owners! If you lost a rod and think it may be yours, send us a private message on our Facebook page and I’ll connect you to the individual that found it.

The Bonus Brown Trout Derby is back for it’s sixth season! Details and rules here.

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