River Report

WATER LEVEL:  Very low



FLOW:  Slow

THROW:  Egg/spawn, woolly buggers, streamers, spinners/spoons, jerkbaits

NOTES:  (Updated 10/16 @ 6p) The Rocky River is very low again and could certainly use some rain. We have reports of many steelhead caught up through the river after the rain last week, with the majority of fish in the lower third of the main branch and around the fords. Fish are certainly around in the deeper holes and runs on the lower river, but another round of rain would help push those fish up and new fish in. The forecast doesn’t seem to indicate rain in the next week though, so it will be tough, technical fishing. Folks had success with faster moving offerings, like streamers and spoons, after the rain, but now with low water your best bet is drifting eggs or nymphs. Tip: Increase your odds of hook-ups by sizing down on your line or leader in low, clear water.

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