Bonus Brown Trout Derby

Welcome to’s Bonus Brown Trout Derby Lottery.

Every brown trout you catch earns an entry ticket!

Land a brown trout in the Rocky River in 2013-2014. Send the picture. Get an entry code.

The more you enter, the better the odds of winning. FULL RULES & ENTRY


Scott W. BrownTroutEntryImage

Lance M. BrownTroutEntryImage

Steve K. BrownTroutEntryImage

Charlie S. BrownTroutEntryImage

Justin M. BrownTroutEntryImageBrownTroutEntryImageBrownTroutEntryImage

Aleks D. BrownTroutEntryImage

Christian C. BrownTroutEntryImage


The Prize:
The drawing will take place on May 1, 2014 and the winner, which will be announced on our Facebook page, will receive:

The Bonus Brown Trout Derby 2013-2014