Bonus Brown Trout Derby

Welcome to’s Bonus Brown Trout Derby Lottery.

Every brown trout you catch earns an entry ticket!

Land a brown trout in the Rocky River in 2015-2016. Send the picture. Get an entry code.

The more you enter, the better the odds of winning. FULL RULES & ENTRY


Andrew C. BrownTroutEntryImage

Brion M. BrownTroutEntryImage

Andrew W. BrownTroutEntryImage

Stan W. BrownTroutEntryImage

Chuck M. BrownTroutEntryImage

Mike C. BrownTroutEntryImage

Julio D. BrownTroutEntryImage

Ray L. BrownTroutEntryImage

Adam F. BrownTroutEntryImage

Jeff K. BrownTroutEntryImage

Brad M. BrownTroutEntryImage

Chris L. BrownTroutEntryImage

Chuck S. BrownTroutEntryImage

Patrick C. BrownTroutEntryImage

Scott H. BrownTroutEntryImage

Adam M. BrownTroutEntryImage

Nate A. BrownTroutEntryImage


The Prize:
The drawing will take place on May 1, 2016 and the winner, which will be announced on our Facebook page, will receive:

A $100 assortment of fishing gear