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GEOBASS: Red Bass in Christmas Island

November 3, 2015

written by TheRockyRiver.com staff

The second season of GEOBASS continues with this newly released episode, which sends the crew to the infamous Christmas Island in search of toothy red bass on the fly.


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The Rocky River Fishing Report for Friday, February 12, 2016

CLARITY: stained (turbidity meter here)
FLOW: above average
THROW: egg/spawn, nymphs, woolly buggers
GRAPHS: See real-time USGS water graphs here!
NOTES: (Updated 7:18 am) The Rocky River is still a little up, but not much, and it has a decent stain to it this morning. This may be the best day of the week to get out. With temperatures being below freezing the rest of the week and down to the single digits by Saturday, the river is going to start to freeze up once again. Several anglers that fished it yesterday reported success, with most getting multiple hook ups. And... Congratulations to Julio DeJesus and Mike Campbell who become the 11th and 12th entrants on the scoreboard for this year's Bonus Brown Trout Derby. They're now qualified to win $100 in gear! Click here for scoreboard and derby rules. Congratulations also to Rae King, Adam Southall, and Michael Nowoslawski on recently getting into the 30 | 10 Club!

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Congrats to these new 30 | 10 club members:
RaeKing30-10MemberClubWALL AdamSouthall30-10MemberClubWALL Michael Nowoslawski 30 | 10 Member Club