The Rocky River Fishing Report for Thursday, January 29, 2015

FLOW: half frozen
THROW: spawn/egg pattern
GRAPHS: See real-time USGS water graphs here!
NOTES: (Updated 10:00 am) The Rocky River is still frozen in many places, but some water has opened up in large stretches and folks willing to migrate often could string together a decent day on the water. As for the fish, we haven't heard of much of a bite the past few weeks to give you any inside scoop on what's working. In this kind of weather and this time of year, it's always your best bet to fish the middle and bottom of deeper pools, drifting eggs/egg patterns as slow as possible through the pool. Cover it until you feel you've covered it well and move on to the next one. The key is to slow down to a crawl. Congrats to John Chantler, Michael Boc, Jesse Sohl, Justin Boozer, Lance Masarik, Jim Harants, Matt Helderman, John Volan, Ken Harper, Bob Wohlgemuth, and Theodore Arensberg who each caught a Rocky River brown trout recently, bringing the number of entries in the derby to 13, which is now just 2 shy of the derby record of 15. We know a lot of browns have been caught this season already, so if you are one of those anglers, make sure to enter the derby for a shot at a $100 prize! Click here for the scoreboard and rules. Congrats are also in order to our newest 30 | 10 Members: Christopher Levicki, Alex Turner, Sal Saia, and Yuriy Chen. Check their catches out below.

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Congrats to these new 30 | 10 club members:
Christopher Levicki 30 | 10 Member Club Alex Turner 30 | 10 Member Club Sal Saia 30 | 10 Member Club Yuriy Chen 30 | 10 Member Club