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The Rocky River Fishing Report for Wednesday, September 3, 2014

FLOW: normal
THROW: streamers/minnows/spoons, crawfish patterns, woolly buggers, poppers
GRAPHS: See real-time USGS water graphs here!
NOTES: (Updated 11:09 am) The Rocky River is in pretty good condition this morning and that's all there is to say about that! If you've bass fished the river this summer you know that the bite is poor. There are simply less bass in the river this year and many of the stretches that famously held good numbers of fish are empty. Decent bass can still be found in the river, but plan to fish fast and cover long stretches of water. Don't be afraid to hop in the car and drive to look for better areas either- it's not an easy summer of bass fishing in 2014. We've gotten word of another trout caught in the river - at least the 4th this summer. Click here for a photo of Nate Adam's catch.

Doug D. reports: "Caught 6. Five smallies and one largemouth downriver from Hilliard." Doug sent in a pic of one his finer smallmouth, which we've posted in the photo gallery. Thanks Doug!

Want to add to this report? Send your first-hand info from the river and we'll post it above.