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The Spawning

September 1, 2015

written by TheRockyRiver.com staff

Max Rhulen spent a week and a half visiting family in Alaska, but from the looks of this compilation, he may not have seen the family as much as he’d planned. (VIDEO)

The Rocky River Fishing Report for Friday, September 4, 2015

FLOW: slow
THROW: spinners/spoons, tube jigs, jerkbaits, woolly buggers, streamers
GRAPHS: See real-time USGS water graphs here!
NOTES: (Updated 8:00 am) The Rocky River is low and clear again today. The smallmouth bite has been slow, particularly during the midday. Smallmouth can be caught all day, but will move to the heads of pools and runs to feed actively at sunrise and before sunset. Resident smallmouth bass and powerful carp, among other species, are in the river all summer long. If you're new to river smallmouth, here's a guide for you that WILL get you into some fish.

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