The Rocky River Fishing Report for Wednesday, April 1, 2015

FLOW: normal
THROW: spawn/egg patterns, jig+maggot, woolly buggers, streamers
GRAPHS: See real-time USGS water graphs here!
NOTES: (Updated 9:23 am) The Rocky River is in excellent shape again this morning and we've received mixed reports from "a tough bite" to "multiple fish day". For what it's worth, both ends of the spectrum reported using spawn. A consideration- it is supposed to rain most of tomorrow and into Friday, so if you wanted to fish this weekend, you may want to play hooky and go out today instead because we think the river will be too high and muddy come Saturday. Please note that the Barbie Rod Derby has been postponed and rescheduled for April 4. Congrats to Eric Crompton who landed the 24th registered RR brown trout of the season last weekend, and to John Fay who caught his second RR brown trout on March 29. Congrats also to Joe Sykes, David Baughman, Luke Bauserman, and Brian Pavick, who each caught Rocky River brown trout recently as well! If you caught a brown trout on the Rocky this year, make sure to enter the derby for a shot at a $100 prize! Click here for the scoreboard and rules.

Ray L. reports: "Just left Morley Ford. The suckers are crowding out the steelhead today as they make their way over the Ford. I saw what could be a thousand suckers trying to swim over the small barrier. A couple of guys are catching them on eggs. No steelhead caught while I was there but I can see a few jumping. Cool sight for sure!" (3/26 @ 11:51a)

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